Our Story

"Mommy, why don't I have white hair and why does my skin look like this?" Well, these were questions that I was definitely not expecting to ever hear from my little daughter. I was so surprised, shocked and confused. I really couldn't understand why my little pretty black princess was questioning the beauty of her hair and skin. 

After much thought about this surreal moment, I realized that I had completely underestimated the impact on my daughter's self image when I decided to enroll her in a predominately white pre-school and when I was appointed as a pastor of a predominately white church. My daughter was receiving conflicting messages about her self image because everyone and everything around her at the time were white.

As a result of her inner struggle, we threw everything into overdrive and spent much time affirming our daughter even more. We also became intentional with purchasing toys and room decor that reflected positive and creative black images to reaffirm her beautiful blackness.

To further this effort, my husband and I began a small business and have made it our mission to produce various products that will reflect positive and creative black images so that little black girls and boys will be inspired and proud of the way they look.