Stop playing small for the world

Inadequate. Unworthy. Not enough. Unqualified. Insecure. Low self-esteem. Scared. Anxious.

It is amazing how many times I have thought these things about myself. Well it is not amazing, it is actually really sad and disappointing. It is even more disappointing that I have allowed these insecurities to interfere with God’s work in my life. Whenever I have felt God trying to prepare me for greater, those thoughts started to creep in---“Why me? I am not even qualified.” I even remember praying to God to take me to a higher level with my career and other things in my life and as soon as I felt the transition about to happen those thoughts started to creep in---“Why me? I am clearly not good enough and I don’t deserve all of this.” Even this week, my mentor made a business recommendation (one that made complete sense) and again those thoughts started to creep in—“I just don’t think I am qualified or good enough to do that.” And her response to me was STOP PLAYING SMALL FOR THE WORLD”.

After our conversation, I realized that too often we allow our fears and insecurities to hold us back from experiencing greater things. Too often we talk ourselves out of moving forward or from taking that first step because we don’t feel worthy of certain blessings. Too often we convince ourselves that we would rather stay in the background or play the “small” role in the world because we feel unqualified.

But it is time to STOP playing small for the world and START shining your light brightly and boldly. Stop hiding but rather show the world that you are indeed an awesome talented educated well-deserving kind loving person. You are a person who has much to offer. You are a person who has many gifts and talents that will help and inspire others. You are a person who has much to give to help motivate and empower. You are great and yes you are worthy. So go forth and walk boldly and confidently in your purpose. Be big, be bright in the world, and dream big.

Help teach your child how to be confident in the world and dream big

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