Picky kids and tricks

I am sure we have all struggled to get our kids to eat well balanced meals. Honestly, at one point my kids seemed to only eat grilled cheese sandwiches and chips. They just would not eat certain foods no matter how much I tried to bribe and beg them. I often felt frustrated and defeated because I felt like I was unable to help them foster healthy eating habits. I also found myself spending lots of time and energy preparing healthy meals only for them to sit at the table and stare at the food. BUT with much trial and error and research, I think I have finally found 5 ways to trick them into eating their fruits and vegetables.

1. Getting the kids involved in the cooking process is a MUST! When I invited my kids to start helping in the kitchen, I noticed a big change. They were excited and so eager to learn how to cook different foods. They automatically became more invested and were very proud of what they had accomplished. And because they felt apart of the process, they ate the food. 

2. Ketchup makes everything taste good lol...at least for them. My kids want ketchup on everything. I can't explain it and I don't understand but if you put ketchup somewhere on their food, it seems to make everything taste better.

3. Make some soup! I know all kids may not prefer soup, but my kids love it. I mostly make chicken noodle soup with a few chopped veggies and they eat it with no problem.

4. Camouflage the food! This works every time. I have mixed spaghetti squash with noodles, cauliflower with rice, and we have even made cauliflower pizza. My kids also love cabbage so sometimes I have mixed a little bit of kale with the cabbage.  

5. Make food fun! Making fun food goes completely against what I was taught as a child. I distinctively remember my parents telling me as a young girl, "Stop playing with your food." BUT overtime, I have realized that playing with food has excited and encouraged my kids even more to eat it. Although this can take a bit of time, it seems to pay off in the end because THEY EAT IT!!! We have made houses with pretzels and raisins, faces with grapes and apples, and various animals with everything on the plate. We have even made a car using broccoli, carrots and cauliflower. Not only does this inspire them to eat BUT it also helps with their imagination. 

Help teach your kids about healthy eating

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