Being a mom is such a joy and one of most rewarding jobs in the world. But honestly speaking, it can at times be very overwhelming. I personally have been overwhelmed and have put my needs last and my wants on the back burner for the sake of my kids. All the wants and needs of my kids seem to naturally come first without much thought. Because of this, I have often times put myself last and have lost myself in the midst of motherhood.

Over the years I have been so caught up in wiping snotty noses, doing hair, cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, kissing boo boos, wiping tears, going to the store, and trying to check off a laundry list of other things that I have forgotten about myself. I have given so much of my time and energy in making sure my little ones are okay and well taken care of that I have put myself last in so many ways.

But I am realizing that although I have this unconditional love and care for my children, it is important for me and other moms in similar situations to remember ourselves. So I challenge everyone, especially during the month of Jan-YOU-ary, to make yourself a priority. It is the time to take care of YOU. In the hustle and bustle of mom life, please remember YOU. Remember to put you first. Put you first by saying "NO". Put you first by making yourself a priority. Put you first by getting rest. Put you first by doing something that makes you happy. Put you first by reigniting the passion that is inside of you. PUT YOU FIRST.

By putting you first, it gives us all an opportunity to meditate and recharge. Recharging allows time for us to regroup and be our best not only for ourselves but also for our children. So please (if you haven't already) take the time to focus on yourself and put yourself first. Now is the time to celebrate you!


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