It's ok not to be ok

During stressful and hurtful situations, so often we are taught to hide ourselves. You have probably heard someone say: "Just keep smiling through the pain." "Don't let them see you sweat." or "Put on your big girl panties." And while some of these things might have been said with good intentions, they teach us that we have to somehow figure out a way to hide how we really feel at the time. Why? Because society has taught us that it is a sign of weakness if we cry. It is a sign of weakness if we show any indication of anxiety, uncertainty, or stress.

And the funny thing is that I used to stress myself out even more if I thought others saw me stressed or witnessed me just simply having a bad day. BUT I had to eventually come to the realization that IT IS OK NOT TO BE OK!!!!! I no longer choose to hide the fact that I experience real raw emotions. I no longer choose to hide the fact that I do sometimes get sad, hurt, scared of certain things in life or if I am just really having a bad day. IT IS OK NOT TO BE OK...stop hiding your pain. Stop hiding your scars. Don't try to hide your experiences and obstacles you have been through in life. But rather share your "not ok moments" with others and use them as a testimony to personal connect with others and help them get through their situation. Amen.

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