Grieving sucks

The last 3 weeks have been extremely hard for me and my family. We have had 3 painful deaths in 3 weeks-one from a brain tumor, one was killed, and one committed suicide. I mean seriously what in the world is going on??!!! All of this has been very surreal and emotionally challenging. One minute I have been exhausted, another angry, another sad and another disappointed. The whole grieving process just really sucks.

Yet despite these tragedies, we are pressing forward and finding comfort in who God is. God is still awesome. God is still indeed good. And God is still gracious, merciful and worthy to be praised. So if any of you have experienced a hurtful loss, I pray that you not only find comfort in who God is, but that you also find comfort in family and friends and continue to cherish each moment. Amen.

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